Furniture To Have Sex On

Sex furniture is a special piece of art that helps you experience a variety of new sex positions. They can add excitement and allow you to discover new, exciting sexual sensations. Their ergonomic designs enhance your stamina and support your body. Our favorite sex furniture designs range from a simple foam triangle to gothic medieval dungeon pieces.

Here are the best categories of sex furniture.

Sex chairs

Sex chairs are designed in all sizes and shapes to make your lovemaking easier. Some have an elaborate design with various ledges and handles. Others are subtle, come in different colors to match your existing furniture, and can pass as modern chaise lounge. This particular chair works well with a sex toy and can improve your sex life. Get a sex stool to go with it. Besides, the metal and reinforced elastic sex chairs can give the receiving part additional support and bounce. It is crucial to note that most sex chairs do not cost a fortune.

Sex sofas and benches

The Liberator Esse II is one of the most popular products on the market when it comes to sex sofas. It is our #1 recommendation for kinky people who wish to get frisky. It has a unique curved design and removable scoop segments where you could make more positions possible. Moreover, it comes in 10 different colors, and its maple feet are unfinished so you can color them to fit your home décor.

Sex pillows

Cushions and a sex pillow can help you achieve better penetration angles and add eroticism to your sofa or bed. They support your legs or back, and hence most “normal pillows” are used for sex too. For instance, Amazon’s therapeutic wedge pillows(USA Link)(designed for things like reading in bed or back pain) can be used creatively to enhance sex positions.

Click here for the UK link to Amazon for the Wedge Pillow.

If you are in for pillows made purposely for sex, try the Touchage Support Pillow. It is highly, portable, inflatable, and weighs 300lbs.

Queening stools (sex stools)

These are meant mainly for women to receive cunnilingus swiftly. Typically, the seats are designed with holes in the bottom where a partner can place their face and relish licking sitting partner’s genitals. One of such stools is the Handcrafted Queening Chair. It is created from sturdy pine and has been padded to make the queening experience comfortable and enjoyable. But, if you are going for affordability, we would recommend the Multifunction Sex Position Enhancer Chair Novelty Toy with Handrail for Couples.

Sex gliders

Sex gliders are remarkable contraptions that act like a cross between a fuck machine and sex chair. Essentially, the woman positions herself on a rocking chair. The chair has a hole between her leg where a dildo can come up and enter the vagina. Once set, she can rock back and forth in the chair. The dildo will pop up and down depending on the speed and lengths of her motion.

Here is our top pick.


Sex beds

Someone might ask, aren’t all beds designed for sex? Well, no, sex beds are designed explicitly with kinky sex in mind. The Dore Alley Dungeon Bed is built purposely for sex. It is created from 14-gauge steel and has the sling hoops for bondage role-play.

You can also turn your existing bed into a sex bed by making modifications. For instance, fluid-proof fitted sheets and fluid-proof pillowcases are ideal watersports or piss play. You can go a notch higher and buy the under-the-bed restraint system to show your sub who is really the boss.

Bondage bed-sheets and throws

Whether vanilla or kinky, sex can mess up your bed. To prevent this, try bondage throws and bed-sheets. They are designed as fluid-proof, and so, lube, spit, cum, or massage oil will not mess your duvet and pillows. The Slick Wet Sheet and Sham is 100% waterproof and available in black and red king sizes. The Fascinator Mini Throw can also help when you are horny and don’t want to mess your duvet cover. It is moisture-proof, machine-washable, and comes in 5 colors to suit your bedroom décor. Another similar product is the “Escape” moisture-resistant sex pad, which is highly portable.

Sex swings

Depending on your needs, sex swings are available in different sizes and shapes. They distribute the receiving partner’s weight making it easier to move and fuck them with little effort. For instance, the 360-degree spinning sex swing is made from robust materials and can accommodate up to 350lbs.

If you desire something more extravagant, the Fetish Fantasy sex swing stand is your ideal swing. Conversely, if you are in for affordability, the over-the-door sex swing  is an excellent go-to.

Dungeon & BDSM Furniture

Dungeon furniture is typical BDSM gears including spanking benches, stockades, and monkey rockers. They are gigantic and blatantly designed for kinky sex. For those who are really into gothic and medieval sex furniture pieces, we recommend the Schlossmeister Dungeon Line. With an aesthetic of a torturous medieval dungeon, it can satisfy your kinky fantasy. Besides, when looking for subtle-looking BDSM dungeon furniture to buy, you will find it on Stockroom.


Bondage Cross

Bondage crosses are used to tie your sub up in a starfish shape. The subs can be placed facing outward or inward depending on your dominance tastes. The crosses can attach directly to your walls, for instance, the Zado Bondage Cross. Others are designed to be freestanding and feature support at the back, keeping them upright. The freestanding triangle bondage cross is one such furniture that has a gothic, rusty look. Similarly, New St. Andrew’s Cross X has an upholstered vinyl to give it a clean and sexy aesthetic.

Sex tables and cages

Versatility is one of the distinguishing aspects of sex tables. They can range from massage tables to bondage tables with restraints and straps. If your fetish is cages, you should try the coffee table. Made from hammered steel, it allows you to relax with a coffee while your sub remains horny and submissive in the table-cum-cage. For a more old school, check out the stand-up cage. It is designed with three opening doors and bars to tie up your sub.


Sex shower gear

A bunch of sex gears can make your shower a lovemaking paradise. Particularly items meant to make baths more secure for people with mobility problems can be hacked to make shower sex safer and better. For instance, the shower bars that aged people have can be used to give you better stability and grip during shower sex. Equally, you can try the anti-slip shower stickers that creates a better grip of your shower floor and hence easier to fuck on.

Sex machines

For the blissfully innocent, sex machines are devices that move a dildo in and out of a person automatically at different depths and speeds. Besides, some have been advanced to have vibration settings. The Slave Driver is one of our favorites. The doggy-style machine is excellent to train obedience in subs since it entails restraints. The Hismith Premium Sex Machine can be another worthwhile investment depending on your tastes.

The Takeaway

The sex furniture realm might be vague and mystifying but do not fret. Ultimately, we are all sexual beings with kinky desires and fantasies we wish to explore. So, if you can afford sex furniture, go ahead and buy them. Just ensure you are discreet with your erotic furniture in case guests come around to visit. When possible, get furniture that complements your color scheme and décor of your home.