Sex Toy Storage 101: The Best Bags/Boxes

We all want to enjoy sexual pleasures with the various types of sex toys, but no one talks about how to store these toys safely. Most bloggers will even tend to argue more about the toys that are known for giving you the most sexual excitement; however, no one talks about other things that surround maintaining the efficiency of these sex toys through proper cleaning or even better storage to avoid bacterial infections. We just want to know how to acquire the best sex toys to quench our sexual lasts and never at all think of the safety of these toys.

We need always to remember that these sex toys are products that will get in contact with your private parts, and you need to ensure that they are still in good condition to safeguard your health. Poor storage of these sex toys results in bacterial infections, and you must be careful enough to avoid such health effects. Unlike men whose genital parts are external, women will be so vulnerable to any of these infections since their private parts are a bit open and exposed for diseases and other health complications, and there is thus the need to store the toys safely.

Reasons to properly store your sex toys

There are quite several reasons why people choose to perfectly store their sex toys, some of which are highlighted herein.

•proper organization of your sex toys

Choosing a perfect place to store all your toys makes you put all your toys in one collection, making it access any kind of a toy anytime you develop some sexual urges. The proper organization ensures that you don’t take much time before you can find the perfect toy for your sexual needs.

•Avoids bacterial infections

The major concern about having a safe storage bag is simply avoiding bacteria infections on the toys hence ensuring that you maintain a healthy condition. You may also consider cleaning and drying all the sex toys before you can store them in your preferred boxes or bags.


Keeping your toys in a particular place that’s very safe also helps you maintain discretion even when friends or loved ones pay a visit to your place.

•Makes the toys more durable

Once all toys are safely kept, they can be used for longer durations without being damaged and making them more durable hence saving on extra replacement costs.

However, choosing the best toy bag or boxes can be a difficult process for most people as everyone tries to get their preferred choices from a number of options. This should not worry you either as this article provides a complete guide on getting you the best sex toy storage bags or boxes to safely keep your toys.

Below are some of the top sex toy bags that you can easily acquire from the online shops as you make your sex toys order.

1. The JoyBoxx + PlayTray

The joyboxx+play tray tops the list as the best way to safely store your toys. This box is basically meant to lock in all sex toys and hence helping you to access them once you in need of them easily. This box comes in different colors, and therefore you have a wide range of options to choose from. The box is also recommended as it is secure and comes with a free lock to safely store all your toys. This is thus a great way to ensure that your personal stuff is intact even when you are far away from home. Once your kids notice that your box is looked at, they know that they should refrain from items. The plastic case on this box makes it more resistant to bacteria hence reducing the risk to bacteria infections.

Features of the Joyboxx

√ The box is fitted with hopes at its back to allow you to charge the toys even as you store them in the box.

√ Ventilation roles are made to ensure that water easily evaporated from the toys even if they were stored with some damp wetness.

√ This box is very safe for use, and you do not need to worry about any health-related issues while storing your toys in this box.

√ The lightweight material used to make this box makes it more convenient even when you want to move from one particular place to another.

√ This box is also secure though a lock is provided to ensure maximum security for all toys stored herein.

2. The Liberator Zappa Toy Bag

If you are not a fun of the storage boxes, then The Liberator Zappa Toy Bag is what you should finally settle for. The bag offers you plenty of options, including carrying it with you anytime you are traveling or when you just need to love to a parrying place. The bag would be more convenient as compared to the box, which is heavy and restricts you from moving around with it.

This bag is made from a water-resistant material, basically a nylon fabric hence ensuring that all the items in the bag are fully safe. This fabric is also easy to clean hence avoiding bacteria build-up, which would alter the normal function of these toys.

This bag is also large enough hence able to accommodate a large number of toys. Therefore. If you have a large number of these sex toys, you need to think of this The Liberator Zappa Toy Bag.

The bag also comes with a double zip hence ensuring that your toys and other accessories are safely kept. However, this is not a full guarantee that you can’t lose your items as you also need to buy a lock for maximum security of your items.

This bag is basically designed for people with a large collection of sex toys and a still on a restrained budget. The bag is less expensive, and you can easily make an online order at only $20. This bag also comes in different colors, and you, therefore, have a wide selection to choose from.

3. The Uvee Go Play UV

This is a unique sex toy that’s portable and has rechargeable batteries, which can be accessed via UV light power and a USB port in order to sanitize your toy. You need to remember that sanitizing isn’t cleaning. All the bacteria is killed by UV light. It’s essential to rinse your toy before and after use is essential to remove the leftover lube available. The chargeable toys are ideal because you can move with them from one place to another. The Uvee Go Play UV isn’t the cheapest option, and it’s among the priciest products we have on the market today. These sex toys save a lot of time when it comes to cleaning and even sanitizing.

4. The Sugar Sak

This sex toy has a really funny name that’s secondary when it comes to the toy’s utility. If your toys can’t make it into toy boxes, then you should probably invest in a Sugar Sak. This bag is just flat, and no explanation has been given so far on the materials used to make it. It has a pretty soft outside and inside, although what makes it stand alone is its antimicrobial properties. It has a Bioshield 75 coating, which doesn’t have much comprehensive coverage. The Bioshield 75 substance is used for more than just sex toys and is registered with EPA and is USDA approved. It also inhibits the growth of bacteria in order to prevent UTI bacteria.

Most Lelo toys tend to come with satin bags, which are ideal for storing a lot of toys. However, these bags are being replaced bit by bit for the purpose of antimicrobial factors. All these storage techniques aren’t suitable for substitution when it comes to cleaning. It’s absolutely necessary to keep the sex toys well maintained prior to putting them in any store. They should keep them safe until a future need arises. These kinds of bags come in a wide range of sizes. They’re also fabric pouches that lack a hold and can give away all its contents by simply making a phallic-shaped outline in instances where you leave it out or even hold it again in a different way. The common noticed feature of a Sugar Sak is the fabric piece that can be tightened and tied into a bow. This clearly means that security features are very limited. When it comes to simplicity, the Sugar Sak ensures that all your toss toys stay in the bag and ensure they’re clean. However, no one can complain of this bag, not working the way it should work.

5. The Sneaky Sack

If you like a good sex toy storage to fancy yourself, then you should probably consider Sneaky Sack. It’s very easy to hang this bag even on your clothes hanger, which means that you need to hide them over the other items completely.

Top ways to optimize your sex toy storage

If you lack the freedom to display your sex toys, then you should probably consider getting the best sex toy storage. You don’t want the guy you like to come over to your place to hook up with you just to see a bunch of dildos all over the place. Below are some top practical ways of optimizing your sex toy storage:

a. Ensure you maximize your visibility and accessibility

Ensure you’re able to see your toys every time clearly. This means that you’ll be able to remember all your toys and use different ones every time. For those who are connoisseurs and find it hard to satisfy their cravings, they’ll end up having more fun, especially in the long run.

In case you’re using a deep drawer and not shelves, it also becomes easy to stand your toys.

b. Make use of vertical spaces

It’s easy to make flat bottomed books as well as dildos with some harnessable bases to ensure your sex toys can stand alone. On the other hand, dildos and insertable vibrators with no bases require extra help.

First of all, if a vibe utilizes separate batteries and is not top-heavy, then it’s easy to unscrew the cap to ensure it stands alone. These batteries and the cap aren’t directly insight.

c. Group similar toys together

It’s essential to categorize different sex toys depending on various aspects such as color, squishiness, brand, or even the power to please.

Final consideration

Irrespective of how fastidious you are, it’s essential to have somewhere or a perfect surface to put your sex toys. Most people are now considering raw toy storage that ensures that your toys are ready to pack up.

Therefore, it’s a simple matter that requires picking up the fabric and washing it down.

Every time you’re away, you should be in a position to know that your sex toys are not dangerous when it comes to users irrespective of how long you wait between different uses. In the event that you find your old vibrators, which were once your favorite on the back closet floor, you’ll end thinking of the benefits of having a sex toy storage. You should always think of a proper storage box to avoid issues such as wear and tear, especially during the long run. You may even find your toys in your dustbin if you’re not careful or you are negligent. It’s also necessary to ensure that your storage system technique is at a bare minimum when it comes to issues relating to antimicrobial fashion.

Apart from these, you can start tackling other essential aspects such as the material used, size, locking mechanism, among others. The material used will determine the quality of the sex toy bag, whereas the size will determine the number of sex toys you’ll be storing. Finally, the locking mechanism will create security for your sex toys, in the long run, depending on your tastes and preferences. You should also consider checking the price of the sex storage bag since they cost differently. However, it’s always advisable to check online customer reviews to see what other people experienced with a particular sex toy bag. This way, you end up making a wise decision on the best sex toy bag to consider.