Huge Dildos: The Best & Biggest Size Guide

Buying a girthy dildo can be one of the most significant decisions to ever made. One must consider the shape, size, quality, and, most importantly, something that matches your budget. These big dildos have the same features as other sex toys, although its size parameters make them different a bit. The circumference, size, and length are a bit bigger than the standard sizes. The biggest dildos can be made without any base, with a suction cup or even vibrator, and so on. The extra large dildo got testicles that give extra satisfaction. They also prevent unwanted movements, thus making them safe for anal use. Some models provide lube for applying during penetration.

Giant Dildos for Massive Dildo Fun

Tips on how to buy the best big dildos.


Monster dildos are in many kinds of shapes. When purchasing, you should select the toy that you will find arousing as well as un-intimidating. For adding new sensation excitement, consider buying dildos that have contours and ridges. For internal stimulation of sweet spot, go for curved shaft dildo.

Length and width. Deciding on your shape, the next consideration should be the size. Be keen on the description of those products checking the perfect and suitable size to meet your preference before buying. You may opt for inflatable dildo in case you fear trying out more gigantic dildos.

Flexibility and material.

Finishes and materials of a dildo make a huge difference when it comes to giving results. For excellent work on your G-spot and P spot, consider buying those toys that are made of silicone, metal, or even glass. This material makes it feel smoother than the rubber, feel, or jelly hence making it easy to use less lube or also insert. Most recommendable dildos are made using rubber materials, TPE, realistic feel that makes it feel the same as the real skin. For metal and glass dildos, you can cool or warm them to give you a new variety to your sessions. The silicone dildo is easy to clean hence suitable for anal, flexible and adapts faster to the body temperatures.

O-ring compatibility and dildo bases.

Having a balled end enables you to have control totally over the dildo while the suction cup base helps you in attaching your dildo to a smooth surface when you need a hands-free ride. For anal dildos, flared bases are best as they help to keep then in control from going anywhere you don’t want them to go. is This feature, therefore, makes it possible to slide the dildo in the o ring to harness strap on sex. If you wish to share, you may opt to buy double-ended dildos since they are extra-long.

Brand. Its always good to buy a product from a brand with a clear name and is widely known

Guide on how to use Big Dildos

Clean your dildo. This should be done whether the dildo is new or not using hot water. This way, it will guarantee you a hygienic, healthy, and safe experience.

Lubricate. The type and the amount of lubricant to be used are determined by the shape and size of your dildo. However, it’s advisable to use smooth and thick lube, but for anal use, long-lasting thick silicone lube is recommended such that you won’t keep on reapplying.

Insert gently. If you are a beginner, it’s advisable you start with smaller sizes first. These large dildos can be hard for you to insert. To have more control while using the dildo, you can squat over the toy or placing a pillow on your back as you lay there, raising your legs while spreading.

Go forth. Once you have inserted the thick dildo in your body past the widest part, the body is supposed to relax that way; you will be able to explore the sensation as you want. You may twist the dildo inside to give internal stimulation to all the erogenous zones, or you just do in and out.

Here are top Best and big dildos.

King cock

These products are super thick, realistic, and absolute ecstasy in each of its inches. It is expensive compared to other dildos, but its pleasure is unmatchable. It has a length of fourteen inches and a circumference of then inches hence making it the longest .it is, however, not recommended for the faint-hearted or the starters as will never be able to fit regardless of how long they take.

Eden realistic vibrating dildo

This Product offers an ultra-realistic feel that is soft when it’s inside has a length of nine inches and a diameter of 1.75 “. This makes it more extensive, thick, and even too large for some average women. It is quite affordable, and anyone can use it. For those who want to have a dildo that gives a real thing feeling, then this is it. The materials used in making it are boy safe, and they usually resemble the feeling that the real dick feels. However, it will need you to point its end upward towards G-spot. It has a simple dial that helps you control the speed. It makes it possible to adjust it from high to low and vice versa. During foreplay, low speed is used, and high speed is used during strong orgasm. For this Product to work, a battery is a necessity. Its also easy to clean, and it is compatible with many kinds of lubricants, although it is recommended to use water-based lubricants.


• Speed vibrations are multiple.
• Its surface is very smooth.
• It has no smell

Pipedream real feel deluxe no9 long dildo

The Product looks exactly like the real dick. It is an excellent deal when you can’t have the real deal. When you want to experiment with something new, wider, and even longer than the real dick, then this is the Product to get for yourself. It is designed with natural veins and testicles, and its 9.5 inches long, and two inches diameter is not curved like many dildos. It can be used both for anal penetration and vaginal. It is also perfect when it comes to blowing job skills practicing. The textures and shapes of this Product feel just like the real dick. For the materials used, they are body-friendly hence no side effect. It is 100%waterproof, thus making it possible for you to use it in a hot bath, shower, spa. However, it will require you to use a good amount of lube in your vagina or anus when inserting the dildo. For it to work, AA batteries are required, although you will have to buy them separately since they are not sold together.


• It has a strong suction cup.
• Its skin is very soft.
• It’s very comfortable.

Nasstoys All American whopper vibe

It is designed to give arousal and sexual excitement that is extreme. It works like a free dick leaving you with the best satisfaction in vaginal stimulation. It is 6.5″ long. It has balls that look like how a real dick would look. Its texture has realistic ridges and average veins for lots of stimulation. The suction cup in it makes it ideal for those who love rough sex. It can be used on the wall or on the floor. It’s suitable for both anal and vaginal penetrations. However, it is essential to know that it uses AA batteries, which you must buy separately. The Product is not costly hence making it one of the most reasonable products you can get with a guarantee of high-quality products compared with the other dildos of that same price range.


• Has a three-switch controller.
• Its quality is good
• The material is soft and playable.

The Best Double Ended Dildo: Click Here For Our Recommendation 

The Product comes in fewer shapes and styles. Some are curved while others have a long shaft bearing a head-on every end. They are best to be used by those who want to share their fun with their partner, that is, man to man or man to woman or even woman to woman. For women, it stimulates the G spot at the very same time. A woman can also insert this double ended dildo on the vagina and the other end into her partner’s anus. They are hence giving a variety of combinations to choose

After using these toys, how you store them matters a lot. Many luxury dildos come with their boxes to help you store them separately. However, you can improvise your storing boxes by using cardboard boxes, sock, or even envelopes. Due to privacy concerns concerned, consider buying a lockable sex toy box. It helps you or gives you total control of your gadgets and determine who should see them or not. This is because it has a padlock code which can be changed anytime you wish. When storing, ensure you clean the toys, inspect if there is damage, and you have stored them separately. Also, ensure you don’t put them away before they are all dry completely.

In conclusion we these are the best dildos on the market and they will give you the much needed sexual satisfactions more than the real dick you don’t have to worry of a cheating boyfriend just buy a dildo and everything is cool you can dick yourself anytime you fell like.